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    Welcome....Each of us were created to experience emotions and feelings. While some feelings may be perceived to be more desirable, there is really no such thing as good or bad feelings. In fact, all feelings are valuable and provide important information to help us survive and navigate life. You can think of them as little pieces of data.

    This blog is meant to share the value of becoming smart with your feelings. I too am a work in progress. Some of my posts include situations where I learn this lesson the hard way, other posts include references to really cool studies that show what happens when we develop our emotional intelligence.

    Either way, I hope you discover something new and share your learnings with others!

  • Stress Throwing You Off Track?

    I recently conducted a workshop for business leaders focused on stress and the impact it has on collaboration. As part of the workshop, everyone participated in a short simulation. It involved 15 people working together under extremely tight time constraints. When the simulation came to an end, and

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    90% of High Performers Have This! Do You?

      Last week, I had the privilege of leading a group of entrepreneurs, leaders, and change makers through a Developing Emotional Intelligence workshop. We worked together to bust the myths we often believe about emotions (yes all of the above statements are FALSE) and discovered the value

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    Five Myths About Emotions Every Leader Needs to Bust

    We were in the middle of a high stress, high pressure, time limited, and somewhat competitive team simulation. As the facilitator, with only four minutes left on the clock, I called a time out. I asked, "So how is everyone feeling right now? Like real feelings...not just the surfacey ones."

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    Using Emotional Intelligence to Lead Change

    Whether you are at work, at home, or at school, change is all around, and it's a sign of life. But so often, change brings about a sense of urgency that requires focus and attention to get things done. Tight deadlines often choke out any opportunities to talk about change, putting engagement and

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    The Teen Stress Epidemic

    Teen stress and anxiety is growing and continues to be on the rise. According to the American Psychological Association, teens (ages 13-17) are reporting greater levels of stress compared to adults (18+). On a 10-point scale: Teens experience an average stress level of 5.8 during the school year

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    7 Steps To Navigate Stress: Align To What Matters Most To You

    Stress. We all experience it. And we all have reactions to it. My informal poll revealed that stress often brings on feelings of fear, anxiety, discomfort, helplessness, despair, doom, and self-limiting thoughts. People's reactions to stress can result in diminished creativity, loss collaboration,

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    Using Your Emotions to Derail Stress

    I'm sitting at my desk. The deadline for a major project is creeping in and I've been pushing myself to get the majority of it done early. I have a meeting with a potential new client in an hour. My son is coming home from school tomorrow. And I have a committee meeting during dinner time tonight.

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    Stress Derailing Your Ability to Collaborate?

    Edwin Land, was quoted as saying, "Politeness is the poison of collaboration." I would like to add to that...Politeness and stress are the poison of collaboration. Collaboration Takes Time I recently conducted a workshop for business leaders focused on stress and the impact it has on collaboration.

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    Just how self-aware are you and why does it matter!? Take this short quiz and find out!

    It seems no matter where you look, topics like mindfulness, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and self-leadership are everywhere. So what do they have in common? Focusing inward!         Whether you are at home, at work, or at school, self-awareness is a critical skill to being

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    7 Mindful Perspectives to Help Young Professionals Navigate the Workplace

        Employers are becoming more and more interested in the Emotional Intelligence levels of their potential hires. In fact, per a recent study, 71% of surveyed hiring managers said that EQ was more important than IQ. According to Six Seconds (a nonprofit organization with a goal of one billion

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