• Enhance Emotional Literacy

    Enhance Emotional Literacy is the ability to name and understand emotions. From a very young age we are able to identify basic emotions such as happy, sad, angry, and excited. People who have emotional literacy are able to move beyond the basic four.

    Our emotions signal us to pay attention. They are data points providing meaning. As you become more emotionally literate, you will be able to use a variety of words that have different meanings to describe how you are feeling in the moment.

    Six Seconds identifies 8 basic emotions and their meaning.

  • As you work to grow in this competency, consider these resources.

  • Tracking your emotions will help you build your emotional literacy. Challenge yourself to identify the emotions you experience throughout the day, and the corresponding meaning or message behind the emotion.

  • Throughout the day, we can experience many feelings at one time. Challenge yourself to learn different ways of naming your feelings and begin to understand what message each of those feelings are sending. Here is a short list to help you get started.

  • Our emotions help navigate life. Each emotion brings value to our decisions, relationships, challenges, etc. Refer to this guide to begin to understand the value behind each main category of emotion.