• Harvard Business Review's most requested article, What Makes A Leader? by Daniel Goleman,identifies emotional intelligence as the sine qua non to Leadership. We know that emotions drive people, and people drive performance. Grow in your emotional intelligence and learn to handle complexity, build a thriving culture, and create enduring value.  

  • Coaching can be delivered in a way that best meets the needs of your organization. We have clients that like to meet face to face, over the phone, via Skype. It's that easy and it's that flexible!

    Founder, Kelli Schulte


    • You will complete an EQ assessment. 
    • You will be able to identify individual and the organizations’ strengths and opportunities for growth.
    • We will generate a plan and put actions into place to develop an emotionally intelligent culture with built in accountability for growth.
    • You will experience positive change in every area of life. Work environment. Relationships. Family. Focus. Health and well-being. Overall life satisfaction. 
    • You will begin to create a culture of vitality.
  • EQuip is for you, the motivated leader who recognizes the benefits of growing in EQ and who is committed to personal and professional growth, and the desire to become self-aware, intentional, and purposeful. 


  • Effectiveness

    Leaders with high EQ are aware of how they react under pressure. They know how to make adjustments along the way so they can stay focused and achieve their goals. They are motivated by their values and goals, and they can align their choices to what matters most.

  • Relationships

    Leaders with high EQ have the capacity to build and maintain networks. They are connected with others. They can use empathy to connect, relate, and respond.  They are optimistic and able to navigate their emotions in tough situations. People love to follow Leaders with high EQ.

  • Well-Being

    Leaders with high EQ are able to manage health and wellness in a way that brings them optimal energy and focus. They ruthlessly eliminate stress and busyness, and practice self-care and self-discipline to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Life Satisfaction

    Leaders with high EQ realize their true potential in their careers and life, lifting self-imposed ceilings and eliminating temporary roadblocks. They are able to balance life in a way that ruthlessly eliminates stress and busyness, staying focused on their noble goal.

  • Kelli Schulte has been instrumental in improving my approach to developing and strengthening client relationships. I am incorporating the concepts she teaches with tremendous results. Her coaching approach along with her extensive experience and in-depth understanding of Emotional Intelligence has benefited my business significantly! I highly recommend Kelli for any individual or organization that is seeking to attain the next level of success.

    James Hack, UBS Financial Services