• We were in the middle of a high stress, high pressure, time limited, and somewhat competitive team simulation. As the facilitator, with only four minutes left on the clock, I called a time out.

    I asked, “So how is everyone feeling right now? Like real feelings…not just the surfacey ones.

    My question was answered by several of the members. I heard things like:

    And then one individual stepped in and said, “For all of you who want to talk about your feelings, go right ahead. For the rest of us, let’s figure this thing out.

    While I am sure he was joking, afterall we were in an Emotional Intelligence Development workshop, I’m certain there were several others who connected with his sentiments.

    Often times, stressful situations can get in the way of paying attention to emotions when making decisions, handling conflict, leading teams, or even communicating with others. In fact, our perceptions of emotions can impact even non stressful moments.

    Let’s take a look at five myths about emotions.


    Myth #1: There is no place for emotions in business.
    The most effective leaders demonstrate consistently high levels of emotional intelligence. This means they consider their thoughts and their emotions when making business decisions.

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    Myth #2: Acting on your emotions is a sign of being out of control.
    When applying the learnable and measurable skills of emotional intelligence, you can intentionally respond to your emotions with control and purpose.

    Myth #3: Talking about feelings is a sign of weakness.
    Letting others know how you are feeling is a healthy form of communication, providing a deeper level of understanding and connection. And, encouraging others to talk about their feelings at work is a healthy way to process change, upcoming challenges, work processes, and goals.

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    Myth #4: If I want to be happy, I need to avoid feeling bad emotions.
    We are created to be emotional human beings. Emotions are pieces of data that help us navigate different types of experiences and circumstances throughout the day. It is unrealistic and harmful to aim to only feel happy.

    Myth #5: I am not being true to myself if I try to change how I feel about something.
    Change is part of what helps you see things from a new perspective and authentically experience growth and development.


    Take a few minutes to consider what perceptions you have about emotions? How do you know if your perception is true? Share your perception with someone you trust and see if the two of you together and prove or bust your perception.

    Kelli Schulte is an Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Coach with EQuip Studios, a leading provider of emotional intelligence training, assessment, and coaching. Kelli is using her 25+ years of instructional design, leadership development, and coaching experience to help organizations, leaders, and teams develop and practice the learnable and measurable skills of emotional intelligence.

    As a Preferred Partner with Six Seconds, the largest global network of emotional intelligence practitioners, EQuip Studios has access to the latest in research and resources, to develop customized performance improvement solutions that maximize the overall effectiveness of individuals, leaders, teams, and entire organizations.