• If 70% of organizational change efforts fail primarily due to the people side of change, then something about change needs to change!

    EQuip Studios uses a suite of scientifically validated measurement tools, training, and coaching to foster the development of learnable and measurable skills of emotional intelligence. With the support that comes from being a preferred partner with Six Seconds*, we are able to use these tools to improve individual, leader, team, and entire organization effectiveness. 

    EQuip Studios will partner with you to create a context of TRUST in order to:

    • Inspire deep MOTIVATION
    • Achieve EXECUTION that consistenly delivers results
    • Create effective TEAMWORK
    • Promote readiness for CHANGE

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  • The Six Seconds Vital Signs tools equip organizations with powerful data to:

    • Create a strategy that works with and through people
    • Focus and build buy-in for change efforts
    • Quantify the people-side of the organization
    • Accurately assess the effectiveness of development initiatives
    • Prepare for and track restructuring or mergers and acquisitions
    • Identify needs and opportunities for training, communication, and development 


  • The tools measure the capacities to foster a context of trust in order to:

    • Inspire deep motivation
    • Achieve smooth execution
    • Create effective teamwork
    • Transform resistance in readiness for change

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