You just conducted a SEI Assessment debrief and your client is looking at you asking "Now what?" You know training can help, even coaching, but how can you possibly meet everyone's unique needs all at once?

    Introducing THE PRACTICE™ a turn-key, four-step process designed specifically with YOU in mind. THE PRACTICE™ not only helps you to meet the unique needs of your clients, it also provides a passive revenue stream for you and allows you to expand your reach!

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  • Additional Resources

  • Sometimes there is just not enough time or resources to conduct a SEI debrief with larger groups. When that happens, EQuip Studios uses a group debrief workshop.  

    The workshop is designed to provide a highly experiential and interactive experience that introduces emotional intelligence. The Certified SEI Assessor will lead the participants through a variety of activities using the Engage, Activate, Reflect learning strategy.

    During the two hour workshop, participants will:

    • Explore their SEI Assessment using small group, large group, and independent activities.
    • Identify one EQ Outcome that they would like to develop
    • Have a deeper understanding of the Six Seconds EQ model and competencies
    • Be able to apply the TFA model to any situation
    • Use the Neural Net to create a Personalized Development Plan focused on developing their EQ competencies

    To find out how you can purchase Practicing Emotional Intelligence, contacting EQuip Studios directly at [email protected]