• Why Focus On Emotional Intelligence?

    The Bottom Line...Individuals who focus on emotional intelligence are experiencing less stress, greater confidence, agility, connection, effectiveness, well-being, and balance.

    And, organizations are experiencing world-class levels of engagement, greater agility, higher profits, increased customer retention, greater collaboration, increased innovation, and overall organizational vitality.


    According to Six Seconds 2018 State of the Heart Report, individuals who focus on EQ development are 8.2x more likely to experience greater outcomes. Organizations that focus on Emotional Intelligence are 22X more likely to experience success.  Find out how you can begin to do the same with THE PRACTICE™!

  • What is THE PRACTICE™?

    It's a well-known fact that the best athletes spend the majority of their time practicing and very little time performing. No matter your role...leader, team member, coach, parent, student, friend...you rarely get time to practice!

    And yet, the key to learning and mastering new behaviors lies in THE PRACTICE™!

    EQuip Studios is thrilled to offer THE PRACTICE™....a series of 10 modules with 52+ practice sessions with new sessions added monthly!  This provides a year's worth of Emotional Intelligence skill development. Each practice session is available in a micro-learning format, making it available anytime, anywhere, just when you need it.

    THE PRACTICE™ provides practical steps to learn, practice, and develop the skills of emotional intelligence.

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  • Our Advantage

    • Turn-key and innovative approach to EQ development
    • Intentional opportunity to practice and develop EQ skills
    • Micro learning blended with assessment and coaching
    • Cost effective, providing continuous development all year
    • Assessments to measure ROI

    Try a free PRACTICE SESSION today and sample the elearning that will challenge you and build the skills of emotional intelligence. 

  • What People Are Saying About THE PRACTICE™

    "Bite-sized and targeted providing exactly what I need. I love how I can take just five minutes to move a step forward in my development. The content and the questions are challenging and keep the lingering questions in my mind all throughout the day so I can focus on my EQ development in a very practical way."

    "Best explanation of Emotional Intelligence I’ve ever seen. I love how practical the learning is and that I can work on developing my EQ any time, anywhere."

    "I appreciate the conversational approach in THE PRACTICE sessions. It feels personal, like you are right there with me, guiding me along."

    "THE PRACTICE is practical and relatable. Everything was explained in a way that I could understand."

    "I love the approach where I learn something, practice it, and then apply it."

    "The bi-weekly coaching that supported my learning in THE PRACTICE was invaluable."

    "I am finding value in going back to THE PRACTICE sessions. This is not a one and done, but a resource I can use over and over again."

    "Everyone in my office needs this!"