• Vitality Assessments

    Are your employees committed to the organization's mission?

    Do they collaborate and communicate with each other while taking on challenges?

    Are they willing to go the extra mile to maximize outcomes?

    Are they able to go into the unknown, take risks, and learn from mistakes? 

    If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you're not alone. A growing body of research tells us that:

    • 77% of employees are NOT fully engaged
    • 79% of employees are NOT motivated to do outstanding work
    • 70% of all organizational change FAILS primarily due to the people side of business

    When you take a look at the data behind these numbers, you quickly realize that emotions play a big role in business outcomes. In fact, emotions drive people, and people drive performance.

    So how do you get on the other side of these equations to improve performance?

    EQuip Studios follows a simple approach. If you've ever been to the Emergency Room, you know that once you make it past the double doors, the medical team starts by taking your vital signs. This gives the hospital team some critical data to begin triaging your emergency. This information provides a baseline to identify what you need.

    We follow a similar approach and begin with the Vital Signs Assessment.

  • Vital Signs is a tool that measures Leadership and/or Team Effectiveness. It  looks at the five climate factors (Trust, Motivation, Change, Teamwork, and Execution), which predict 57% of the variation in the performance outcomes (People Strategy, Organization, and Operations).

    The anonymous, online survey takes about 10-30 minutes for each person to complete and provides an easy to compare result between categories of raters.

    The Vital Signs Assessment will help you: 

    • Discover the team dynamics that are moving you ahead, and holding you back
    • Provide insights to strengthen team effectiveness
    • Prepare for new challenges and changes
    • Open dialogue about the team’s dynamics
    • Identify development needs
    • Create a shared vision of what it means to be a team
    • Measure results of interventions

    With the data collected, we can identify targeted interventions, including training and coaching, that are specific to your unique people needs

    As we partner together and offer a unique combination of assessment, training, and coaching, you will be equipped to create an effective team climate that maximizes performance. When people work within a context of trust and feel truly invested and engaged, results happen.


    Original value: $2,495
    Special Offer: $1,996


    As individuals, we all experience a range of emotions throughout the day. Some emotions propel us towards choices that align with what is important, and other emotions act as triggers that lead to an auto-pilot reaction creating obstacles for forward movement. Emotional intelligence is your ability to be smart with your feelings. It's the unique blending of your thoughts and your feelings so that you can respond with purpose, rather than react on impulse.

    When you purchase a Vital Signs Assessment, this a one-time bonus offer is available for the team leader and team members.

    • EQ Assessment: An online, validated assessment to measure emotional intelligence
    • EQ Report: A 20-page, comprehensive EQ Leadership Report
    • EQ Debrief: A one-hour, in-depth debrief session with an ICF Certified EQ Coach

    You will:

    • Learn a process framework to use emotional intelligence
    • Identify your strengths in terms of emotional intelligence skills
    • Identify opportunities to develop the learnable and measurable skills of emotional intelligence
    • Take first steps to become more effective in your work, relationships, family, sport, focus, health, well-being, and overall life satisfaction

    $350 per person

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