• Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the one thing, the key ingredient, the secret sauce to your overall effectiveness, relationships, well-being, and overall satisfaction. In fact, your EQ impacts every area of your life. Your work. Your family. Your friendships. Your sport. Your influence. Your decisions. Your focus. Your health. 

    As human beings, we all experience a range of emotions throughout the day. Some emotions propel us towards choices that align with what is important, and other emotions act as triggers that lead to an auto-pilot reaction we might later regret.

    Emotional intelligence is your ability to be smart with your feelings. It's not acting on feelings alone, or thoughts alone. But rather, emotional intelligence is the unique blending of your thoughts and your feelings so that you can respond with purpose, rather than react on impulse.

  • Effectiveness

    People with high EQ are aware of how they react under pressure. They know how to make adjustments along the way so they can stay focused and achieve their goals. They are motivated by their values and goals, and they can align their choices to what matters most.

  • Relationships

    People with high EQ have the capacity to build and maintain networks. They are connected with others. They can use empathy to connect, relate, and respond.  They are optimistic and able to navigate their emotions in tough situations. People love to follow Leaders with high EQ. 

  • Well-being

    People with high EQ are able to manage health and wellness in a way that brings them optimal energy and focus. They ruthlessly eliminate stress and busyness, and practice self-care and self-discipline to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Life Satisfaction

    People with high EQ realize their true potential in their careers and life, lifting self-imposed ceilings and eliminating temporary roadblocks. They are able to balance life in a way that ruthlessly eliminates stress and busyness, staying focused on their noble goal.